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Congratulations to Dr. Oliviero Gobbo on his success in the recent Trinity Boost Funding Programme

Dr. Gobbo’s research concerns a new therapy for adiposopathy based on low frequency, AC filed applications on magnetic nanoparticles.
Adiposopathy, which includes being overweight and obesity, is a highly prevalent and rapidly increasing global disease. Moreover, adiposopathy plays a major role in the development and severity of various comorbidities, such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Current treatment options are limited and there is a growing need for more effective interventions. Here, we aim to utilize the magneto-mechanical properties of iron oxide magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) to destroy adipocytes by applying mechanical stress. This multidisciplinary research is in collaboration with Prof. Maria Jose Santos-Martinez (SoPPS) and Prof. Graham Pidgeon (School of Medicine) and will be supported by external researchers from Chemistry and Physics who will provide the MNPs and a Low-Frequency-Alternating Magnetic Fields (LF-AMF) apparatus for the magnetic field respectively. In the long-term, the research will help generate a much-needed novel strategy to treat adiposopathy, and reduce comorbidity risks.